FFXIV Charity Initiative raises Cancer awareness

As a disease that has the ability to attack nearly any organ or tissue within your body and spread, Cancer can be found in just about every family tree. As the second leading cause of death, this disease has led to an estimated 9.6 million in 2018 alone and shows no sign of abating. Not only is Cancer, and its treatments, physically draining and torturous on its host, but it also causes a vast amount of financial, mental, and emotional strain on those around the individual, especially on close friends and family. Thankfully the survival rates are increasing within those countries who are fortunate enough to have a strong health system, but sadly this is not the case for many less fortunate countries.

While Cancer spreads and tears families apart, the love for gaming and bonds formed within those communities has brought others together. These bonds, though many would consider them merely “virtual,” are strong and nothing to sneer at. In hard times, these communities band together and face foes head-on, just as they do with those foes in video-games. One such example would be the FFXIV Charity Initiative. Newly formed, this group consists of many well-known communities with-in the wider FFXIV community and has one simple goal; run at least one large charity initiative a year. With Scotty from FFXIV Europe as the initiative’s advocate, this goal will undoubtedly be achieved! “I believe communities should use their influence to do good, to on occasion run meaningful projects and initiatives that not only bring people together, but also achieve something everyone involved can be proud of. Cancer is something that sadly connects most of us, I could think of no better cause to champion this year.” Partnering up with Nemekh from Akhmorning, the planning and recruiting were off to an amazing start with many communities coming together for an amazing cause.

Interested in donating? Click here.

Some community contributions include, but are not limited to:
  • AkhMorning arranging a raffle. Though the details are still currently being ironed out, it provides a promising and fun way to donate. Community members simply purchase a raffle ticket for the chance to win a variety of MogStation prizes while all of the proceeds are donated to the amazing cause.
  • If you are one who firmly believes glamour is the true endgame, then heading over to Eorzea Collection and entering into their competition will best suit you! The theme lies around Cancer Awareness Month “with lots of fluffiness and ribbons” and there are great prizes lined up for the top 3 winners. The first place winner stands to receive the Fat Moogle Mount, second place will receive the Mheg Deaca Attire, and third place wins ten pots of Pastel Pink Dye. To enter, simply submit your glamour on the site and leave a screenshot with a link to your submission in their discord channel by midnight, October 25th. Time is running out, so hop to it! The winners will be contacted on Halloween. (Rules and more info)
  • Streamers such as ZeplaSerenayaFrosty, and Angel have also banded together to show their support by spreading the news through their streams and videos. Be sure to tune in and show your support back to them!
  • Gposers also agreed to include a feature regarding this initiative in their October issue with the aim to raise awareness of this charity and the initiative. Keep an eye out for this issue and be sure to share it with your friends! (Link)
  • If you’re interested in obtaining physical items, head on over to their store obtain any of the various merchandise, including artwork and designs by EldaWhyMaige, and Gweni. All profits from this store will be given to charity.

In addition to all of this impressive and amazing support, communities such as FFXIV EuropeAkhMorning, and Eorzea Collection have all graciously agreed to donate 50% or more of their October earnings via Patreon to the cause. Are you a community that would like to join in on the efforts and help support, promote, or donate earnings? Simply reach out to Scotty#0003 on Discord with your offering.

Raising a whopping £634 in just the first 24 hours and surpassing the halfway mark of their goal in a mere 5 days, it seems that the only thing this group has seemingly done wrong is to set their goal too low. Just one-third of the way through the event, the goal of £2,000 was easily passed, but of course, they are not stopping there. As you can plainly see, this charity initiative is off to an amazing start and we look forward to seeing the final amount raised over the full duration of the initiative.

Full list of collaborators & partners:

FFXIV Europe: Website and Discord
AkhMorning: Website and Discord
WhyMaige: Twitter and Tumblr
Salted XIV & Blobs
Eorzea Collection: Website and Discord
ZeplaHQ: Twitter and Twitch
Serenaya Carrin: Twitter and Twitch
Frosty: Twitch and Discord
XIV Blobs
Rainbow Materia
Angel Lux
Revival Wings
The Balance
The Fashionista
Citadel of Light
Aetherflow Media 

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