How to get commendations without really trying

Are you tired of your efforts in dungeons going unappreciated by your puggy peers? Try one or more of these easy hacks to be rolling in commendations in no time!


Create a funny glamour

Your fellow players will appreciate your efforts to liven up their boring cutscenes in the main story dungeons. If no one comments on your sweet, sweet outfit, feel free to point out how amazing you look.


Don’t bother helping with killing adds if you’re a melee class

That’s the ranged players’ job. If they cannot kill the adds on their own, clearly that’s their fault and they need to “git gud.”


Emote often, especially when a fellow player dies

If their death was as a result of something they did wrong, make sure to draw attention to it by using /laugh or a similar emote. If the death was caused by someone else’s mistake, you could use /comfort or /soothe instead. Feel free to change it up to suit your personal style!


Chat with your fellow party members

If you die because you were typing, they’ll forgive you for being such an amazing linguist! Self-deprecating jokes are always a hit.


Only avoid standing in avoidable AOEs that are sure to kill you

Your party will appreciate your increased damage output. If you die anyway, blame the healer and tell them they need to adjust. Why else do they even have Rescue?


Become a Lalafell

Everyone appreciates cute things, and random players in dungeons are no exception. The more over-the-top cute you are, the better.


If you find yourself in a dungeon with gremlin mobs (ex. Lost City of Amdapor) go out of your way to /comfort players who have been infected with Misery.

Even if they don’t thank you, you should tell them, “You’re welcome.”


Challenge your other party members to an unspoken race

First person to interact with a set of mobs, a boss, or even a treasure coffer wins! If someone complains, just tell them they’re a sore loser.

Disclaimer: This entire hacks list is meant to be an April Fools’ parody of those terrible YouTube videos and “news articles” that have been plaguing the internet for the past few years. None of these tips should be taken too seriously. However, /comfort-ing someone who has been infected with Misery is a real thing.

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