Hydaelyn International: uniting the community

On Friday, September 14th 2018 at 7:00pm EDT, Hydaelyn International officially went public when they launched a world-wide community event in celebration of Final Fantasy XIV’s 5th Anniversary. This massive 48-hour event was comprised of several individual events within the FFXIV community hosted by various members or groups. Despite the popularity and publicity of the event, many community members are still left wondering who and what exactly is Hydaelyn International (H.I.)? When asked what H.I. was to him, founder Vari responded;

“Hydaelyn International is an event planner & community for all kinds of creative creators, such as streamers, youtubers, writers, artists, designers, podcasters, musicians, programmers, editors, animators, cosplayers, crafters, coders, project leads, community leaders & much more. You create something & it’s Final Fantasy XIV related, we’re interested. Our goal is to tie together the creative part of FFXIV.”

Despite having less than two weeks for preparation, hundreds of community members participated from all over the world, each contributing in their own way. Much of the feedback regarding the event revolved around this time restriction, as Leternal explained; 

“This time we had roughly 10 days, which is a lot by many standards, but as the community grew (and is still growing!) having more time would provide a better frame to plan events. Though, for a time frame of 10 days, this was amazing! I can see this being the beginning of a larger community existence!”

Many members were thoroughly impressed with the outcome of the event and expressed excitement over the future of this up and coming project! Several agreed with Wanderpus’ praises for Hydaelyn International, claiming it:

“[…] was a glorious sight to behold. While there are certainly things that could have been done better with more time, the sheer ambitious scope of it, and the enthusiastic response from the community, shows just how hungry XIV players were for this kind of opportunity. I believe that this huge outpouring of support on short notice is a strong indication that future events will absolutely thrive with the added benefit of more time to plan, and I cannot wait to see what we’re capable of!”

And hungry this community is! Vari explained that Hydaelyn International is not just him, or even just his crew, but rather a collection of community members as they currently have;

“11 other community/project partners, such as Fat Cat Chronicles, Aetherflow Media, Eorzean Glamour Idols, FFXIV Snaps, GPOSERS, Maelstrom Radio, The Weekly Cooldown, FFXIV Team Craft, The Wandering Unity, The Crucible & Gayorzea (and) a few event planning FCs across Hydaelyn.”

But this giant event was not restricted to just partners, content creators or FCs! Many individual artists and photographers also got involved by hosting art giveaways, art streams, photoshoots and much more. Many FCs from various servers held their own little events as well, such as Genisys, Reunion and Smoke. For example, Wanderpus hosted;

“[…] a triple night of character portrait giveaway streams, where I raffled off art drawn while the winner watches. I managed to create three marker, and four digital, portraits over the course of about 20+ total hours of streaming during the event, while my fantastic co-hosts and I entertained with ludicrous conversation throughout.”

Each of these groups or individual members brought their own creative talents to the table, sharing their passions with the other participants and promoting their own content while supporting that of others’. Cresir, a community member, was able to join in on one of the Void Ark events on the Primal Data Center, stating;

“It was an awesome chance to see some awesome glamour people had and finally clear Void Ark (yeah, I know… Shame on me!).”

This event was just the start though. Vari explains he has big plans and goals for this project!

Despite having less than two weeks for preparation, hundreds of community members participated from all over the world, each contributing in their own way.

“We want to be the community hub people can turn to in terms of teaching, learning, exchanging, collaborating, getting feedback & ideas for whatever project you’re running or want help with. Want to learn a skill? Ask our community members. Want to do an event? We can help you promote it & join in as well. But we’re also a social hub for all dedicated fans of the game in general.”

Tae Asakura stated they

“[…] loved how the combination of streamers and community members from all walks of life and aspects of FFXIV combined to make all kind of events which everyone could enjoy, from /gpose events, to helping people with raids, to the challenge minimum ilvl events and the like! It shows that even though we all play this game for different ways of enjoyment, we can all unite and have lots of fun!”

With several similar comments, it is safe to say that Hydaelyn International is well on its way to achieving the goals set forth by its founder!

As if bringing many of the community’s various content creators together and showing them off to the public wasn’t enough, Hydaelyn International also initiated a fundraiser for the 1000 Dreams Fund charity. This particular charity raises money to help fund education for women currently enrolled in high school, college, or graduate school so that they may be able to reach their dreams. Though the time frame for the planning, organizing and promotion of the event was tight, the available time for the coordination of the charity was even more so. With under a week available to get approval and promote the charity, H.I. was able to raise over $190.

With experience now under his belt and plenty of feedback provided, Vari has since begun to reach out to the various community members and content creators to help expand this project into something more. While finalized and official staffing remains in the works, Hydaelyn International currently consists of Moderators, Partners, Ambassadors, and FC Leaders, all of which will continue to contribute and foster this amazing community that has successfully been brought together. As Crev shared,

“[…] having a global (all data center schedule) and a bit more time to fully execute and plan our next event, I have no doubt HI will be a staple in the FFXIV community.”

We at Aetherflow Media look forward to witnessing and participating in the future of Hydaelyn International as it seems destined for greatness.

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