In case you missed it: Head Bandage & more

There are over 1,200 side quests in Final Fantasy XIV. Alongside the more than 850 unique F.A.T.E.s and well over 2000 achievements that the game offers, that can be an overwhelming amount of activities- and loot -to sort through. It’s easy for one-of-a-kind, available-nowhere-else rewards to get lost or forgotten, buried under the sheer number of little gold exclamation points that the game throws at you. I’m hoping to help with that.

The rewards from the Main Scenario Quests are impossible to miss as everyone must clear them eventually, so for the different installments of “In Case You Missed It” I’ll be poking around in the forgotten corners of FFXIV and highlighting some of the unique rewards that certain side quests, F.A.T.E.s, and achievements offer. I realize that story is an important part of FFXIV’s appeal, and considered by many players as a reward in its own right; so as I explain how to go about getting these special goodies, I promise to try to avoid spoilers wherever possible. Well, without further ado, let’s get to it!


Head bandage

This first one is actually pretty popular already but it’s such a nice glamour item, I’m genuinely surprised we don’t see it even more. Head Bandage is good for more than just your Nier: Automata cosplay outfits! It’s an easy to match, dye-able blindfold that adds a bit of mystique to your character, without completely covering up that fancy hairdo you may or may not have dropped a few million gil on. Maybe one of the best parts about it is how easy it is to get.

The quest that rewards it is called “Ant Juice” and the only real obstacle to obtaining it is the level requirement; you have to be 69 or higher and have finished “The Lady In Red” Main Scenario Quest. Once you reach that point though, just pop on over to Rhalgar’s Reach (you should definitely have that aetheryte by now,) and from there it’s a short jog out of the aetheryte alcove and straight north. Go past the mender and vendor NPCs hanging out by the tents and at the edge of the campsite you should see Ranulf, the guy with the gold exclamation point you are looking for. A few lines of dialog and a quick, straightforward errand later and you are the proud owner of your very own blindfold! Use it well. (Or don’t, I won’t judge.)


“Beyond the wall” orchestrion roll

Think back to the very earliest days of Stormblood’s release. Back to when you zoned into the Fringes for the first time, excited to explore all the nooks and crannies and eager to work your way through the brand new Main Scenario. Remember that relaxing, almost ethereal music that was playing as you waited hour after hour for the opportunity to try to pass Raubahn EX? Well good news, everyone! If you’re ever nostalgic for that time, the Fringes daytime theme, titled “Beyond the Wall,” is available for your private orchestrion.

Be warned though, you’ll definitely need a group to get it as it is only obtainable from the level 61 boss F.A.T.E. “The Evil Seed.” Its spawn point is in the Fringes, a good ways southeast of Castrum Oriens, in the wide open space at the edge of the forest in the Pike Falls area. I highly discourage you from trying to solo it as Kirnis, the giant plant monster boss, hits fairly hard on her own, has a huge health pool, and spawns waves of smaller plant adds who like to cast poison DoTs and tend to find healers especially tasty. The F.A.T.E. timer lasts half an hour but even with a full party of eight players, she can take several minutes to bring down. Successfully completing it with a gold participation rank will drop the orchestrion roll right into your inventory and award you with the “Superseed” achievement. Now the next time that you are trapped in an interminable queue you can crank up this pretty little tune and relive the glory days of the Stormblood release from the comfort of your own home, apartment, or Free Company room!


Mammets #003G, #003L & #003U

The last reward I’ll be covering this time is actually a set of triplets. The Grand Company mammets, to be precise. The Order of the Twin Adders, Maelstrom, and Immortal Flames all have their very own mascot minions. Each mammet comes decorated in their Grand Company’s colors and are complete with their own little standard bearing the Company’s crest. While most people aren’t masochistic enough to unlock all three of the Grand Companies, doing so makes it possible to obtain each of the different minions and, unlike the Wind-up Leader, you can still summon them even after switching teams (you traitor.)

While collecting all three would be a bit of a hassle due to the process of switching Companies, actually obtaining a single mammet isn’t terribly difficult. You just need to complete the “Bump On A Log” achievement for the respective Grand Company, which is as easy as completing its Hunting Log. There are different Hunting Logs for all of the original classes as well, but the Company ones are the only ones that award minions. The Hunting Logs themselves are basically scavenger hunts where you have to track down and slay a certain number of a specific monster. Most are fairly easy to find in the various maps of the open world, but a few are only found in dungeons. Once you’ve completely finished the Log, you’ll have to head over to Old Gridania and talk to Jonathas by Apkallu Falls. All you need to do is ‘share a tale’ with him and he’ll happily hand over your patriotic little buddy.

Those are all the rewards I’ve covered in this article but you don’t have to stop there. Final Fantasy XIV offers you a whole world of activities outside of endgame. Why not take a break from the grind to go out and do a few F.A.T.E.s, clear a few side quests, kick over a few rocks… you never know what you might find.

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