In case you missed it: The GARO gear sets

I know I usually try to cover all my side-content bases, including a quest, achievement, and F.A.T.E. in each article, but this month is going to be a special case. If you’ve been living under a rock the last few weeks, you might not have heard the announcement that Final Fantasy XIV plans to end the GARO pvp collaboration event. Even though it won’t be actually end until Patch 5.1, loosely slated to be coming this October, I thought that I would take this opportunity to not only give you guys a heads up about the conclusion, but also a detailed rundown of how to go about getting the gear and mounts associated with the event.

A quick bit of backstory for those who are curious but too lazy to have Googled it at any point in the last two-plus years since Patch 3.5 kicked off the collaboration- GARO is a popular TV show in Japan about a guardian who wears magical armor and protects humanity from demonic horrors. It has spawned a plethora of spin-offs, sequels, games, animes, and even a certain cross-over event on a popular Japanese MMO… All of gear available from the event is either inspired by or a direct copy of said magical armor as it appears on the show. The titles associated with it are also direct references to characters that appear in the series.

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Now on to the How-To’s! The first thing that you need to know is obviously the most important- What’s the reward? The answer is a trio of extremely shiny mounts! They all look vaguely horse-ish, if horses were robots with wings and horns. They come in three different colors- gold, pale silver, and metallic black. On top of that there are thirteen unique gear sets (sorry RDM and SAM), all with their own associated title. Watch out for those cheap Gold Saucer knock-offs; unlike the originals, the Tarnished sets aren’t dyable, nor do they count toward the achievements.

The first step to actually obtaining these fabulous prizes is farming up enough Wolf Marks to buy the set of armor for your chosen job. If you ignore the belt and accessories, which you do NOT need for any of the achievements, you can buy the full array of gear: helm, chest piece, gloves, pants, boots, and weapon for a total of 18,000 marks. It can take a while if your queue times are slow, but is doable if you are diligent. Queueing as a Freelancer, utilizing Free Company buffs, and completing your daily Roulletes/weekly Challenge Logs will help speed the process up.

Watch out for those cheap Gold Saucer knock-offs; unlike the originals, the Tarnished sets aren’t dyable.

After that, you just have to speak to the Disreputable Priest NPC located in the Wolves’ Den Pier at the coordinates 5, 5.3 with the full set equipped. Doing so will grant you the achievement and title which corresponds to that particular job and is required for the next step. Please note when buying the gear that it is all job based so you won’t be able to mix and match sets for the achievement; double check that you are getting the correct one.

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Speaking of the next step, this is the one that’s likely to take you the longest amount of time (especially if you are like me and less-than-stellar at PvP.) The mounts are rewarded from Feast and/or Frontline victories, not simply farming marks. At this point, your gear is inconsequential (except for looking fabulous, obviously) so you don’t need to keep wearing the GARO set from the previous step. What you do need to do is be sure that you have the shiny new title you just got displayed over your head. It doesn’t matter which title it is, or even if it matches your current job, just so long as you have it up when you get your wins!

The achievement, and therefore mount, you are awarded corresponds with which PvP mode you got your wins doing. “Frontline Fury” is earned by winning a total of ten Frontlines (Rival Wings counts!) and awards the pale silver robo-pegasus mount,  ‘Ginga’. To get ‘Goten’, the golden (and arguably flashiest) mount, you need to earn the “Fatal Feast” achievement by winning thirty Feast matches of any size.

“Furious Fatalities” is the last achievement and it requires a whopping sixty victories; the nice part being that those wins can come from either Frontlines or Feasts. Meaning that you’ll be over half way done just by completing the other two. It awards the ‘Raigo’ mount- the metallic black one with the peacock tail and gold trim.

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A few parting thoughts… The rest of the GARO sets are a great way to dump the heaping piles of Wolf Marks you’re likely to accumulate while working on the mounts. If you like the gear but hesitate to get any of it because of space limitations, go right ahead without concern for your poor, overburdened retainers! As long as you have the level to equip the gear, you can put a full set on and speak to the Disreputable Priest again to get the achievement that matches it- doing so will unlock that set from the Calamity Salvager.

I know I mentioned it above, but the single best way to reduce your queue time is to make sure you have the Freelancer option checked on your settings page (the little gear icon at the top of your Duty Finder page; same place you go to queue for undersized parties). Another (unconfirmed) tip is to queue for only one mode at a time, as most people find that selecting multiple options in the PvP queue actually seems to lengthen the wait times rather than shortening them.

You’ve likely got until October to get the achievements done, so there’s no need to burn yourself out trying to get all of them and their various rewards in a single sitting. Just don’t wait too long!

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