Make sure to look superbly scorching and summery during the Moonfire faire

Get out your tangas and big ol’ floppy hats because even though these hot, summer nights are getting shorter, there’s one last party to go to before we settle into autumn sweaters.

That’s right – it’s Moonfire Faire time yet again! It’s the hottest festival this side of La Noscea and has a little somethin’ somethin’ for just about everyone. Just craving some freshly fried battered fish? Come on out! Just want a firework encrusted background for your latest screenshots? Enjoy the show? Love the absolute snot out of jumping puzzles? The heck is wrong with you? Just kidding. In it for the latest glimmy glams? Well thank you, ma’am cause so am I!

I typically really enjoy the swimwear we get from this event every year. I may not be the biggest fan of realistic, casual glamours, but the pieces SE releases for this particular faire always seem super versatile regardless of whether you’re just pairing the top with a pair of shorts or allowing for a little extra skin to show in your tank set. They’ve also tended to be somewhat innovative in their shapes and textures. That ruffled bikini top from last year? I’m still swooning. Needless to say, I go into this festival with the highest of glam expectations. Higher than that jump tower, at least…. Just way less stressful.

So did this year make it to the top platform? Well, yes and no. I was a mixed bag in terms of my feelings towards the glamours that got introduced this year. Let’s sit down with this battered fish and chips and break it down. No, I will not share my chips with you. I’m a greedy popoto when I’m hungry.

Three happi (which are traditional, straight sleeved coats in Japanese culture) were introduced to us this year, and while the overall aesthetic is relatively simple, I really appreciate that the SE designers took care to give each of the jackets their own detailed design. The changes are subtle along the collar, but spin your character around and swoon over the large and unique designs on the back. Are you swooning yet? That’s okay, take your time if not. I’ll wait. Stuffs another chip in mouth.

My favorite additions to the festival this year are those painted masks. I am an absolute sucker for masks that you can visor so that they’re placed off to the side of your head. The design of these headpieces are wonderfully cartoon-like and look genuinely painted. You see that aspect the most on the mouth of the Namazu mask. Such a subtle fade of the brush strokes is one of the many tiny things I love about gear design in this game. No detail is too small to be untouched.

The only problem I have with this year’s set? Dyeability. That should come as a surprise to no one. We’re at a point in the game where SE has frequently introduced more and more gear with the ability to be dyed (and dyed well) that it has almost become an expectation. The player base wants more customization with its items, and while I’d be fine with the three masks being as is, I would’ve considered this year more of a success if at least the base color of the happi were alterable.

Overall? I consider this another great Moonfire and definitely worth taking the time to do! The faire itself runs until the 26th, after which these glamours will become unavailable until SE re-releases them on the Mogstation for purchase next year. While I enjoy the items we got, I probably wouldn’t consider them worthy of spending real money on the Mogstation based on the lack of dyeability alone. But to each their own. That rhymed. You’re welcome for my poetry.

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