Should we disband: anything but Eden!

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Aetherflow – Winter 2019

Another expansion, and another raid tier has come our way! It’s time to grab your favorite job stone, your best gear and jump into the endless depths of PF – all while pretending to be prepared for the interesting moments you’re about to experience.

After somehow clearing E1S you take a deep breath. You know what’s next, and you know how much fun you’re about to have. You haven’t even joined a PF and you’re already getting flashbacks of endless Damage Down debuffs and stacks of Vulnerability Up. But you already know what’s first: There’s always at least one person complaining about their position or a way you’re going to handle a mechanic. “But my group does it different,” you read. “But I’m used to being in a different position for a certain mechanic,” someone says. Goddamnit, be flexible. The world can’t revolve around you. It’s really not that difficult to use your brain to move southwest instead of south for a week, is it?

The fun, however, only begins here. From people not being able to tell the difference between Doomworld Cleaver, Slicer and Guillotine or one of your DPS greeding an extra GCD when Shadow Eye resolves – because it’s totally worth it to risk dying, since you’re gonna need that ten extra DPS for your bonus internet points. Why clear when you can get all the girls? You fear getting the Hellwind marker, and know that soon you will die to the bleed puddles while you stare at your white mage, who’s performing the taxing activity of casting Glare. Free stacks for everyone! Shadowflame? “Sorry, forgot about that one,” you read the tank writing in party chat from his grave. Damn it, you had one job!

That flare marker? Someone “forgot” to move on time and now both healers are kissing the floor. Don’t forget those bonus internet points, kids! And it’s not like the knockback is telegraphed with a giant purple line or something; it’s really difficult to see! Then, Quietus happens. You’re already tight on hitting enrage, and then you read “Cycle of Chaos”. It starts raining stacks. Someone’s even managed to get four! I wonder how high they stack? There has to be a maximum amount. The next cycle starts and you’ve already given up. It’s not like anyone saved mitigation for Quietus anyway. You pray that one day you will skip Quietus. It’s possible. You cling to the idea, but you know PF will never get it.

Somehow, after a rather excruciating, indefinite amount of time, you clear! You’re already mentally preparing yourself for next week. You will have to do this again. Is it worth it? No. Will you do it? Absolutely. Gotta get that fat loot! You’ve rolled below ten. Goddamnit. But first it’s time for some Leviathan! What a fun fight it is – for just about two hours of progression. I don’t know if it’s just me, but after you have learned the fight for the first time and more or less got used to what’s happening when, it just gets incredibly, incredibly boring. So boring, in fact, that I sometimes feel like I’m going to fall asleep. It just feels like there’s so much downtime between the individual mechanics, that nothing is happening. And when something’s happening it’s neither really complex nor exciting at all.

Get knocked forward, move to the side. Place a puddle, move to the front. It’s almost like they’ve created a fight that simply tests your stamina. Deaths seem to almost always happen due to losing focus. Even the second tsunami, which looks absolutely overwhelming, has just about everyone doing the exact same thing with maybe one small and insignificant difference. Oh, did you hear that? That’s the sound of a tank losing aggro and cleaving the entire group with a massive tank buster!

However, there’s one thing you fear. Two words, twelve letters. You know it’s going to get you at least once a week: Black Smokers. I don’t know if the difficulty comes with people being half asleep once you reach this far into the fight, but it’s apparently really difficult to either move into a puddle on time or to place them correctly. And in the corner of your screen you can see a player on the other platform blasting off again!

And now, Titan. May your prayers for 1-3 bombs and people that know how to do DPS be heard. It’s going to be a wild ride. Good luck – to that one day you, too, will hold one of those gorgeous, shiny Edengrace weapons.

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