Steppe salad

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A salad of various seasonal tubers tossed lightly in a rice vinegar dressing.

A lovely and rather healthy salad with simple, healthy ingredients and somehow magically goes with just about everything. If you use lovely fresh leaves and dress them properly, even the most basic salad will taste absolutely amazing. The combination of oil and acid used in this recipe helps our bodies to absorb more of the nutrients from the veggies.

  • 30 minutes
  • 2 servings

You will need

100 g lettuce (approx. 1.5 cups)

½ small red onion or shallot

6 cherry tomatoes

4 mushrooms (any type that is in season e.g. button, chanterelle, porcini etc.)

7 Tbs. Olive oil

1 Tb. Lemon juice or sweet balsamic vinegar

½ Tb. Mustard

Salt and pepper

We will first start with the dressing: Mix 6 Tbs. olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar and mustard and season with salt and pepper. You can alter the ratios to your liking – prefer it to be more sour? Add more lemon juice or vinegar. Don’t like mustard? Then just leave it out. This is your salad and you get to choose how to make your dressing!

You can even be extremely lazy and just purchase that bottle of dressing that’s on sale at your local grocery store. I won’t judge you (but maybe your dining partner will, so maybe hide it before they come). Just remember to not drown your salad in dressing. A little goes a long way!

Clean the mushrooms with a damp paper towel or brush and chop into pieces. Avoid washing mushrooms under water, as they get soggy and lose their flavor.

Peel the onion and slice thickly. Heat 1 Tb. olive oil in a small frying pan and sautée both onions and mushrooms over medium heat until both are tender. Set aside to cool slightly and wash the remaining vegetables.

Shred the lettuce and halve the cherry tomatoes. Toss in the warm vegetables. Pour dressing over, toss again and jiggle your body to leave that extra special impression on your dining partner. Serve in individual bowls.

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