Steppe tea

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A thick, creamy beverage popular on the Azim Steppe made from steeped fermented tea leaves and a generous helping of dzo milk.

Fermented tea might not be readily available everywhere (just like acorns…), so you are free to substitute your tea with any tea (for example Chai!) that goes well with milk. If you plan on brewing tea on the spot, I recommend bringing both hot water and hot milk in respective thermos bottles.

  • 10 minutes

You will need

1 serving of fermented tea



For an iced tea approach, prepare the tea at home and add sugar to taste while still hot to help it dissolve in the tea. Once cooled you can either add cold milk or omit it and fill the tea in a transportable pitcher. Since this is tea, nothing can really go wrong here. Just follow the instructions on the package.

If drinking warm, make sure to heat the milk as well unless you enjoy drinking lukewarm muddy water of Limsa Lominsa.

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