Character Name
1. What ailment did Alisaie need healing from?
2. Where was the second place Asahi commented on during his travel through Yanxia?
3. Who finally convinced the Enclave party that Yotsuyu was harmless?
4. Where is Zenos' grave?
5. After the summit talks in Ala Mhigo, who was appointed the new leader of the Qalyana?  
6. What was the name of the kobold that helped out the Scions and the Warrior of Light?
7. Whose resources were used to furnish the beast tribes with crystals which the Warriors of Darkness exploited?
8. Captain Carvallain of the Kraken's Arms agreed to take the Scions and the Warrior of Light to the Far East after receiving what?
9. The Warriors of Darkness are from the __ Reflection.
10. What charm did Tataru include in the Warrior of Light's new outfit in order to bring them safely home?
11. Who was in command of the Immortal Flames main force at the seizure of Baelsar's Wall?
12. Where did Nanamo's parents lose their lives in travel to visit their land?
13. After executions, what was King Theodoric's final method of removing his imagined threats?
14. The Alliance operation to destroy the prototype magitek during its field testing was led by the Immortal Flames. What other military faction aided them at the fore?