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We are pleased to hear that you would like to join the team! Every single Aetherflow Media staff member is part of the team because of one simple reason: we’re all trying to create the best possible content. Before you apply for a position, make sure to check out criteria we require for new team members listed below.

Keep in mind that these are not paid positions, as Aetherflow Media is a nonprofit organization.


Examples of past written work should be provided. Must also be able to provide a list of ideas for content. For example, a list of various topics for one-off pieces or a list of ideas for a recurring column.

These lists are just to show that the applicant has ideas for what they would like to contribute. They do not have to be all inclusive and can be flexible.

Position open


Must be proficient in reviewing and editing grammar as well as determining the quality of the content. This includes each individual piece of content for the website and issue, as well as the drafts of the full issue.

Position closed


Must be able to provide a portfolio. This could be a social media platform, a folder of screenshots, a website, etc. Applicant must agree to disable all mods for Aetherflow Media photoshoots. Proficiency in Photoshop for any necessary touch ups is appreciated.

Position open

Graphic designer

Access to Photoshop is necessary and a portfolio must be provided. Applicant will be provided our guidelines (fonts, alignments, etc) and trial content to create an application piece that should be submitted before approval.

Position closed

Social media team

Must be able to pitch promotional ideas and be proficient with the various platforms. Applicant should expect to prepare at least 2 posts a week, whether scheduled or manual, published within the Social Media Team. Social Media Marketing experience is appreciated.

Position closed

Community team

Must be personable and be prepared to interact with the community within the Aetherflow Media server. Should come up with ideas for various Discord contests and challenges, such as screenshot or glamour challenges.

Position closed

Website team

A blog, website, portfolio or previous work should be provided. Will be in charge of publishing content to the website. Must be knowledgeable in WordPress.

Position open

Discord moderator

Must be fair and unbiased. Must be able to uphold the rules of the Discord and guide conversations should they get unwieldy. Should interact with the members of the server while maintaining the peace.

Position closed

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