Fundraising is necessary for growth, expansion, and maintenance. Aetherflow Media relies on funds donated through Patreon and Paypal to help with various Project expenses. These funds are only to be used for project-specific purposes. The Editorial Team may create, and designate, a committee for fundraising purposes, or look to an individual for the task. This individual, or group (if a committee), will be in charge of financial management.


Funds are raised for the following needs, generally in the following order of priority: software licenses, Project-related software subscriptions and associated fees, domains, hosting, prizes, promotional items for conventions (non-travel expenses), etc.


The funds of the Project must be in a Project-managed PayPal account. This account should be maintained only by the Editorial Team and the designated committee (if applicable). All funds are to remain in the PayPal account when not designated and are not to be used for personal use in any manner. The specifics of account configuration is decided by the Editorial Team.


During the course of the Project, the Editorial Team will receive requests for allocation, or reimbursements, of Project-related purchases. The Editorial Team must ensure that all requests and transactions are not personal in nature and uphold the integrity of the Project.


Receipts and documentation must be collected, stored, and secured, as decided by the Editorial Team.


A budget allocation may be requested and approved by the Editorial Team for Project-related needs. The process of the allocation should be discussed in detail, prior to approval. Allocations are set aside, with spending being conducted by an Editorial Team Member, through the appropriate PayPal account that is carefully monitored, tracked, and well-documented. Funds shall not be allocated for game subscriptions, with the exception of Game Time Cards as contest prizes. Under no circumstances should any funds be allocated for purchase of in-game currency.


If any funds are disputed, the amount should be frozen until the dispute is resolved to ensure integrity of the funds held in dispute. If there is a discrepancy discovered after the fact, the Editorial Team should enact the means necessary to correct and resolve the discrepancy, including any disciplinary action, as necessary.


Aetherflow Media often uses funds involving purchases, software subscriptions, and event/contest prizes. It is important that the Project stay vigilant to the terms of use for Final Fantasy XIV. These policies should be known, and accessible, when making decisions requiring the use of funds. Funds may be used to purchase MogStation items necessary for a project, within reason, with permission and infrequently, or for contest rewards for fans. Under no circumstances should funds be used to purchase in-game currency.


Any and all changes to this shall be communicated to all current Patrons.

Last update: August 2018